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Rabbi Bailey has influenced thousands in their journey to becoming more like Jesus and you're no doubt here  for similar reasons, for which we're grateful. We pray God's will can be formed in you too!

Pic: Tony teaching at Assumption College (Worcester, MA)

Books by Tony Bailey

One of this generations foremost spiritual authors on the subject of prayer, Tony's books are read globally...

Amazon Kindle links below:

The Four Dimensions of Prayer

The act of prayer, in and of itself, is not powerful. Only answered prayer is powerful. God wants you to learn how to pray prayers He can answer!

The Nautical Hour

Discover timeless biblical insights into early morning prayer which was practiced by Jesus, the prophets before, the apostles who followed after Him and many believers today!

Buckle Up and Enjoy the Ride

You'll enjoy this miraculous story of Tony Bailey's journey to ministry, massive strokes and incredible recovery with God's help all the way


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Tony Bailey is an internationally renown minister who's served as a pastor, evangelist, seminary professor and author. He is not a ninja. Yet.

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